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Environmental requirements

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The electromagnetic pulse valve of dust cleaning unit of pulse dust collector should strictly abide by the environmental requirements when it is used. Whether the electromagnetic pulse valve can run smoothly or not will the environmental conditions of the electromagnetic pulse valve be as follows:

1. According to the types of power supply, AC and DC solenoid valves are selected respectively. Generally speaking, AC power supply is convenient to use.

2, the environment is relatively high humidity and water droplets and other occasions, should be selected waterproof electromagnetic valve.

3. In corrosive or explosive environments, corrosion-resistant solenoid valves should be preferred according to safety requirements.

4. The power supply condition of electromagnetic pulse valve.

5. Voltage fluctuation of power supply usually adopts +% 10%. -15% AC, and DC is allowed to be around +% 10. In case of overshoot, voltage stabilization measures or special order requirements must be taken.

6, in the environment, vibration, bump and impact should be selected for special varieties, such as marine solenoid valves.

7. The highest and lowest temperature of the environment should be selected within the allowable range. If there is excess deviation, special orders should be put forward.

8. Rated current and consumed power should be selected according to the power supply capacity. It should be noted that the value of VA is higher at AC starting, and indirect conductive electromagnetic pulse valve should be preferred when the capacity is insufficient.

9. If the environment space is limited, please choose multi-function solenoid valve, because it saves bypass and three manual valves and is convenient for online maintenance.

10, voltage specifications should be selected as AC220V, DC24V. as far as possible.

Post time: Nov-11-2018
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