Autel series pulse valve pole assemble

The rod body installation steps of Autel series pulse valve are as follows:

Start by laying out all the components needed for assembly. These typically include rods, springs, plungers, O-rings, screws and washers. Insert the spring into the rod, making sure it is seated properly on the bottom. Slide the plunger into the rod, making sure it fits snugly on top of the spring. Place o-rings in desired locations on stem and plunger.  O-rings help provide a seal between the rod and plunger, preventing any air leaks. Align the holes in the stem and plunger with the corresponding holes in the pulse valve body. Insert the screw into the hole in the pulse valve body, through the stem and plunger. Make sure to use a suitable washer to hold the screw in place. Tighten the screws evenly, but be careful not to overtighten or you may damage the assembly. After tightening the screws, verify that the stem and plunger move freely in the impulse valve body. Finally, double check that all components are securely assembled and aligned correctly. That's it! You have successfully assembled the stem of the Autel series pulse valve.


Post time: Aug-18-2023
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