pulse valve coil manufacturer-Use phase Failure phenomenon

Use phase

Failure phenomenon

Cause analysis

Elimination method

Installation and commissioning

All valves can not be opened but the pilot part has action.

Check if the air pressure is too low.

Air leakage

Some valves do not work and other valves are normal.

Check valve connection and coil

Replacement parts

All valves can not be closed and air leakage pressure can not be established.

The valve inlet is opposite to the spray nozzle.


Some valves can not be closed and there is a leak.

There are impurities adsorbed on the diaphragm and the moving iron core is stuck.

Clean diaphragm and check diaphragm check whether moving iron core and gas plug completely.

Valve closing slowly

Diaphragm throttling Kong Shoudu

Dredge diaphragm orifice

In use process

Some valve leaks diaphragm and closes undead valve normally.

If the impurity is adsorbed on the diaphragm, the leading damage core will be stuck.

Clean the diaphragm, check the diaphragm, check the moving core and gas plug, and replace the parts in time.

Coil burn out

Long time electrifying

Check the working condition of the control system.

There is a voltage but the valve does not act.

Diaphragm damage or throttling Kong Shoudu

Timely replacement of accessories

The ambient temperature is low and the valve is leaking or unable to open.

The ambient temperature is too low and there is icing phenomenon in the valve.

Pay attention to heat preservation

Post time: Nov-12-2018
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