• Face mask supply for our lovely customers all arround the world

    Face mask supply for our lovely customers all arround the world to fight againest the corona virus. USD0.28/pcs Just supply our lovely customers to fight with the virus and protect yourseves with no benifit price.
    Kara karantawa
  • pulse valve coil manufacturer-Use phase Failure phenomenon

    Use phase Failure phenomenon Cause analysis Elimination method Installation and commissioning All valves can not be opened but the pilot part has action. Check if the air pressure is too low. Air leakage Some valves do not work and other valves are normal. Check valve connection and coil Replacem...
    Kara karantawa
  • Working principle of pulse valve coil manufacturer,CHINA

    Environmental requirements pulse valve coil manufacturer-shaoxinghengrui manufacturer The electromagnetic pulse valve of dust cleaning unit of pulse dust collector should strictly abide by the environmental requirements when it is used. Whether the electromagnetic pulse valve can run smoothly or ...
    Kara karantawa

    1. Opening voltage test Clean air with nominal pressure is connected to the inlet of the electromagnetic pulse valve, and 85% of the nominal voltage and 0.03s of the width are input on the electromagnetic valve to check whether the electromagnetic pulse valve is open properly. 2. Close air pressu...
    Kara karantawa
  • Pulse Valve Coil Manufacturer-CHINA

    Electromagnetic pulse valve: refers to the diaphragm valve which combines solenoid valve, pilot valve and pulse valve and is directly controlled by electrical signals. The role of electromagnetic pulse valve: It is to control the size of the oil pressure in the oil circuit. Generally installed in...
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  • PULSE VALVE DMFWorking principle editor

    Working principle editor The diaphragm divides the EMP valve into two chambers: front and rear. When the compressed air is connected through the throttle hole to enter the acquired chamber, the pressure of the back chamber closes the diaphragm to the output port of the valve, and the EMP valve is...
    Kara karantawa
  • Mawadãci Mafari ta Guide to Google Analytics

    Mawadãci Mafari ta Guide to Google Analytics

    Idan ba ka san abin da Google Analytics ne, ba a shigar da shi a kan website, ko shigar da shi amma bai taba dubi your data, sa'an nan kuma wannan post ne a gare ku. Duk da yake yana da wuya saboda mutane da yawa zuwa ga imani, har yanzu akwai yanar cewa ba su yin amfani da Google Analytics (ko da wani nazari, domin ...
    Kara karantawa
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